dinner party mustard.

dinner party mustard is a bit difficult. 
you run in to the problem of pretty jar vs. pretty taste and the questions of what does this pair well with? and ohmygod, what if somebody doesn't like mustard?
i've found that the prettiest jars most commonly house dijon mustards... 
{click for example a & example b}
which, if you ask me, dijon is a gorgeous taste. but some get offended by the horseradish. 
i know, what the fuck.
 anyways let's save the crime&punishment-sized post on pairings for later. for now i'll just bask in the non-offensiveness of the gem that is brown sugar pecan mustard. with this beauty, you don't have to know what your dinner host is serving {which in this case included a delicious broccoli orecchiette* and prosciutto + melon salad} and you don't have to worry about offending most people. 
it stands well enough alone with an intriguing personality, the perfect sesame stick, 
and a pristine subtlety that you always wanted in a statement mustard. 
also, it was a ladies night so the purple label added a nice touch.
*have you ever heard a british girl pronounce orecchiette? it's life-changing, i recommend it.
 dunk away, kids.


if you're not in close proximity to zabar's,
order this mustard here.