two stoops on the television

well, it's airing!
this weekend!
watch it on the food network on sunday at 10pm est and look for challenger schneider's sous chef because that's my sissy!! 
and pray with me that the part where alton brown calls her a
"crafty little minx"
is not on the cutting room floor. 


on tuesday,
watch the cooking channel at 8pm est for the u.s. series premier of 
which will have a segment on the mothership that is the schnitzel truck
...and yours truly will be doing what she does best 
{eating a schnitzel, duh}
and if you're in canada, i think it was just on food network last night but hopefully they will show it again!

so get your jammies on and watch the tele!!
and karadashian sisters, watch out: stoops are coming to reality tv.