oy vey zmir

as of tomorrow, there are exactly two weeks until my recital.
and three weeks until gradiation.
i think i am extremely terrified... but i am keeping myself calm with strong mustard and early morning bike rides. 
this week the only mustard that will do the trick is the amora dijon that my french teacher brought in for me. it is so strong. 
so. so. so. so. strong. 
why anyone needs a strong drink when they could have a strong mustard and still be able to bike home is beyond me...
but i digress.
i can't wait for the day when i won't have to stress out about other percussionists taking instruments from my setups,
or worry about what is really going to happen in my recital,
but at the same time,
i am totally in love with studying the pieces that i've chosen,
working towards a fun goal {planning the reception for the goal...}
and having a reason other than iambeinglame for going to sleep before 10.

and there it is, past my bedtime.