the hurricane club, featuring donuts and coconuts

the best thing about having a friend from jewish summer camp who now lives off the path and who is friends with the guy who wears the ear piece at the hurricane club is that you get secret crab donuts. 
mmm hm.
i'll start from the beginning:
the hurricane club is not a restaurant i would normally choose for a friday night dinner. as of late my friday night dinners are spent at the greasy pizza place around the corner where the guys behind the counter know me by moelly. but when summer camp boy said the magic words {secret menu items!} i hopped on the next cross town shuttle, hurry scurried down park avenue and rolled through the entrance corridor with negative three minutes to spare. 
 sporting a secondhand red leather jacket and a scarf the size of france, i immediately saw a bump-it and said to the imaginary terrier at my feet,
we are not on the upper west side anymore.
so fast-forward to the part where we eat warm sugar donuts filled with crab meat and catch me while i die. because you know how the only thing you ever want in a crab cake is more fried shit? this is the answer. yeah, it's weird, especially because they were dusted with powdered sugar, but it worked. it was the whole sweet/salty thing with a spritz of the sea and a doughy texture. you want them now. why they're not on the menu, i don't know. 
maybe because it would force the place to strictly be a donut joint.
the rest of the meal included some super tasty ducky sandwiches,
and the highly anticipated croque monsieur spring rolls. 
a croque monsieur spring roll, as i found out, consists of cheese and hammies inside of spring roll wrappers and served with mustard. which is a little anticlimactic when you're imagining the filling of a normal spring roll colliding with béchamel and pigs and then broiled for a crispy edge. but they tasted good, so i'm done complaining. 
the cocktails were out of this world and then some. my second one surprise arrived and it was in a coconut. that's never happened to me before. it was delicious. i have no idea what was in it, but something* tells me they're all that quality. 
{*i swear i didn't taste about a third of the menu. promise.}
and that was before the rum fountain. there's a rum fountain. in the basement. did you know that rum fountains exist? i didn't. you just get a little bottle and fill her up. just like a water fountain! the end there was steak, chicken brushed with gold dust, and a delicious chocolate cake.
it was a total experience meal. 
and forever those donuts will be in the history book that is my diary of favorite things.

the hurricane club is on 26th and park. wear heels.