et: milan

1. carbonara!
2. a trip to the market
3. little lunch for the train//italy's answer to the lunchable!!
4. bruschetta at a little place on via ticinese

how italian girls look like italian girls in a country that lives on cheese and prosciutto is beyond me. it's like they have super powers...can i get some of their genes? really, i felt no pressure to eat all of my vegetables in this country.

even though milan doesn't seem to be a big food city, all of the paninis and breads and stuff from the generic little cafes on every block were absolutely delicious and comforting... 
and the aperitivo!
friend sarah took us to a bar in the navigli district for aperitivo, which is like milan's happy hour, but it is so much happier there because it involves an entire buffet of cheese, ham, focaccia, and butt loads of other things. it actually is too good to be true.

on our second day, cold and rain struck, so maria and i fled to our sanctuary {the supermarket} and got fresh pasta, tomaters, kinder eggs, and other goods to make a big fat italian feast. i made carbonara because it was that type of weather. i don't think they have soup weather in italy, i think there is just carbonara weather. it was amazing! {i attribute that to the fun little pasta shape!}