et: barcelona

1. a spicy meatball thing at paco meralgo
2. hannah! eating a seafoodie
3. hannah and maria made me try a seafood. i don't remember what one it was but it made me cringe and want to vom.
4. the first of many tapas meals, at a place on las ramblas whose name escapes me
5. maria's new monocle
6. sandwich on a stick

omg tapas. our two loveliest meals in europe were in barcelona, and they were tapas. {is that correct? do you say they were tapas or they were in the style of tapas or they were tapas-y?}. the first was at paco meralgo. the object of chris' insanely adorable guest post months ago. it was perfect. unpretentious, friendly, sunny, pretty, yummy, so yummysagria-y. just the right thing for our little ladies lunch. the best were these fried onion things that had a special name and were a specialty of barcelona and came with a special sauce. and it was kind of one of those things where there is life before and life after, and so naturally i have no idea what they were called. lest i ever be able to have them again. stupid idiot. 

the second of the lovely meals was at la vinateria del call, in the gothic quarter. and it is inside of an old brothel! this is where we ate our last dinner in europe, so everything the waiter recommended it was like, yes, we'll take two. and the thing that floored me most was the blood sausage. it was good enough to make a lover out of one of those people who are like ew blood sausage there is blood in it gross. {i know because i sort of was one}. it was just so smokey and ricey and amazing. the tortilla extravasampler with zucchini and tato and pepper tortillas was also good, as were the croquettes, and cheeses, and wienees, and house made fig ice cream and so many other things. and being in there was like being in someone's dark and cozy basement where everyone in there is your favorite. it was so great.

aside from the tapas experience, it was mostly ibérico ham sammiches {ohhh that's where all my euros went}. because
the life is this: returning from the discotheque @ 5h30 and having jamón ibérico on white bread.