cours saleya {nice}

1. you say tomahto? really?
2. savon
3. didn't eat enough of those...
4. my new friend, the lapin!!
5. pretty beta carotenes
6. hot dog bun {except, in france, a saucisson brioche?}
7. fleur

imagine your local green market on crack and acid. give him a french accent and call him gaspard. no. call him the cours saleya. and love it to death because, mes amies, it is totally amazing. the veggies and flowers were fresh and photogenic, the pastries were cheap and unreal, and the mustards! i bought six in one day. a new record. including a violet flavored one which was gross, but props to it for existing. and we met the friendliest bunny! and the saucisson brioche was so scrumptious/snappy/buttery. i want to go back there right now:  i'll acquire a baguette and some jam and take a little lunch to the park... ahhhh j'aime le cours saleya!