the little cookie that could. and would.

sometimes my favorite part about living in new york is that it is a bolt bus away from massachusetts. meaning, acquiring a hi rise bread company little sandwich cookie is all the easier. because sometimes the only thing that will soothe your vibraphone-laced worries is some rich chocolate-y crumbly but not crunchy melts in your mouth not in your hand filled with just enough creme that doesn't ooze out all at once with the first bite because that's annoying and common with this type of thing incredibleness. 
i've had this cookie three {3} times in my life:
1. i was a junior in high school, on college visits with my daddy, and wearing turquoise spandex. we sat up stairs, my dad had soup.
2. i was a senior in high school, it was my birthday, and i was with my mum. later that day i had a red velvet cake.
3. it was last sunday and the day was extremely crisp. hammer and i were killing time before his audition by winklevoss hunting in harvard square. and that takes a lot out of you, so we needed a little sandwich cookie break. and then hammer won his audition. thanks, cookie!

it's a significant, happy cookie and i highly recommend that you get one right now.