i've never read good, 
but that was partly because i didn't have the patience to find anything good to read.
who wants to read when you can eat? or watch tv? or play on the jungle gym?
but these days, with streets too slippery for a bicycle,
and an entire world of angry birds that took but three days to beat,
what else is a girl to do on the subway??
{or during the hour of just violas and winds, please, starting at measure three}
so here's what i've read recently:

the curious incident of the dog in the night-time
mark haddon
it might make you think that you're autistic,
or for a temporary time think and talk in a very literal,
and relentlessly detail-oriented manner,
but the cover is a beautiful bright orange, and it is a yummy novel.

this is water
david foster wallace
it's not a book, it's a speech, and here it is
if you're stressed because the costco bag of potstickers that you were on the fence about buying in the first place expired before you could even eat a third of them, or if you missed every single one of the 36 grace notes in your big solo note in rehearsal today, read it. 

water for elephants
sara gruen
sigh. so, so, so sweet. and lovable. 
and not in that girly way, because one of my friends who is extremely macho and nicknamed squanto had no reservations in telling me that he is in love with this book. 


i'm on the market for more books, now. 
i tried the poisonwood bible
but now i am only reading it because i feel bad for spending moneys on it.
so i need another one now.

oh, and what is that sandwich you ask?
why it's a grilled gruyere and grammy smith apple on ciabatta sandwich! 
served with sierra nevada pale ale mustards, of course.