red rooster

the only rooster i ever met was a gay one.
instead of cockadoodle doo
he said any cock will do*
{and at the end of the opera he got sold to the slaughter house, but nevermind that.}
this red rooster, the one that i finally broke my home-cooked meals binge for, is officially the only best reason to go to harlem above 96th.
 so many simple foods that i had eaten before were just so much tastier with the aid of the spice master that is marcus samuelsson. 
*a finalist for the title of this post
the cornbread was warm and moist and homey!
and honey butter is honey butter,
and the tomato jam was like... the feeling you get when the man at the corner pastry stand gives you a free donut...
and the mac and cheese!
holy comté. 
it was disguised on the menu as mac and collared greens, or something,
and to that end i was a little nervous to see green things contaminating it. 
but they just added a new accessory that every mac and cheese could wear!! 
also, it may have been the first vegetable i'd eaten in days. 
no. weeks. 
no. days. 
oh hella yeah it was good. 
and there were correct breadcrumbs!
breadcrumbs are always a hard thing to get right on mac and cheese
because there's either not enough,
or there's way too many that don't actually end up getting crispy-fied.
this was perfect.
praise cheeses. 
the rest were little itsy bitsy plates,
graced with little fishies and duckies and pickleys...
all very good.
oh! and there was this chicken + egg dish that was made with ethiopian spices and it made me reconsider forever swearing off ethiopian food. really, it was a hero of flavor. 
mmmmm red rooster.
go to harlem, kids!


red rooster is on 125th and lenox. 
reeeeeally close to the 2 and 3 train.