on going off the deep end

where little lunch components are all pre-packaged, pre-made, or something called a happy hippo.
almond butter packet, little beta carotenes, medium boiled, fromage, kinder happy hippo chocolate creme biscuit, gala, carrot's best friend, whole wheat challah.
not pictured: salt packet, the lean pocket that i plan on eating for dinner
...because when all hours of your life these days are taken up with so many marimbas, vibraphones, the mozart requiem, don juan, burleske, soldier's tale, kurtag, atonal quizzes, #dwg, parler francais, the elliptical, john adams, and facebook:
there is just way not enough time to prepare, a sandwich.
and perhaps what i really need in my lunch sac is a napkin with a note that reads,
dear self,
have a good day, honey. 
only nine more weeks till gradiation. 
love, self.