what a winter break should be,

 a shekere the size of, like, two and a half watermelons,
the iron maiden at kuma's corner [avocado, pepper jack, peppers, chipotle mayo, ten ounces of juicy dead, on a pretzel roll... side salad]
those and that,
dim sum//and then sum,
bánh mì x 5
a couch with my butt on it for many and many hours straight it was insaneeeee,
romeo and juliet two ways: sergei and letters to...
underwear shoppin,
some hella tight levain knock-offs with this recipe,
the ryan adams version of wonderwall,
and, lastly,
charcuterie plates that will make you only want charcuterie in
your life, more and more. 


p.s. also and embarrassingly: gossip girl season 3