little lunches

 little lunch #2
clockwise from top left: fuji apple, mustards, smokey gouda, ciabatta, cutter, apple champagne {?} chicken wiener, carrots, an itsy bitsy nutella
 little lunch #1
clockwise from top left: a medium-well boiled egg, grammy smith apple, milka dark chocolate, the necessary utensils, ciabatta, mystery jam that was not the original jam that came in that little jar, a single-use wheel of brie.
not pictured: the little salt packet for my egg. simply not photogenic.
when i brought little lunch #1 to school,
someone said your lunch is like a picnic
and i said so?
and then another person said all of molly's life is a picnic!
and i didn't know whether to take that positively or negatively so i took it positively 
and then brought little lunch #2 to school,
and one of my friends who has a british accent looked at my satchel and said shouldn't we be in another eera roit now?
and then someone else said my boyfriend is jealous of your lunch.
and then maria said can i have some nutella?
and i said yes.
because picnics are for sharing and happy time.
i've also had various variations on little lunches #1 and #2. 
two of them included some prosciutto, which, even though it is red meat, i ate anyways because it was a gift. 
and prosciutto is a really good gift, you know.
in another eera, i will have a bit of wine to complete my little lunches. but as of now, twelve tone rows and city noir are best learned sober, most likely. 

more photos of lunches to come...