i'm on a diet.

well, no, that's not entirely true: 
my wallet is. 
and so i have decided to make things in my kitchen now that i can eat. 
however, this in effect has caused me to not eat like poo for the past few days because the nutrition facts on things at the food store can really scare a girl away. 
not only that, but also
there is a song on my upcoming recital that requires the performer to be a little bit nudy. 
{of course, i will not be inappropriately so, but still}
...and so for the next few months, fried foods* and pigs and cows will not be in my eating repertoire.
*the exception, of course, is my weekly thursday schnitzel
so i guess i am on a diet. 
which is annoying because i really want a scotch egg.
learning to make food will be good for me though. 
because when people ask,
do you cook?
i think yes. when i am at home, i stand in the kitchen, and talk to my mom who is doing god knows what and then magically there is something new and cool to eat on the table!
but i say no :-(, lest they invite themselves over for a meal.
so here are the things that i have learned to make recently, and their respective recipes:

polenta and turkey bolognese: open up the polenta tube, slice it, pour over trader joe's turkey bolognese, bake it.
little potatoes: put olive oil, salt, and pepper on little potatoes. bake them.
gingerbread: follow the directions on the box! i like this one.
medium boiled egg: poke a little hole in the bottom of an egg and place it in an egg maker, add the right amount of water to the egg maker, turn on the egg maker {set it and forget it}

ok. that is round one. maybe in a few days i'll show you pictures of my little lunches. they soooo cute.