week 49: locanda verde

give me per se,
shower me with limousines,
i don't care,
the best dinner date will always be mum.
not just because she always pushes the dessert
and understands me when i say, we need a twelfth basket of bread,
but because i never have to articulate how i feel about a dish...
because chances are, she feels the exact same way*
*except when pork belly or mushrooms are involved 
when we're not eating schnitzel, we're eating italian food...
we tend to have the same ecstatic reaction to all things good pasta.
it's similar to how we get really excited about spending friday nights in our jammies and watching rom coms. 
we's all about comfort. 
consider our lives a bowl of chicken soup.
huh? whatever, anyways,
just happened to have a reservation at 5:30 on a wednesday like it's about time. 
and it turns out that 5:30 on a wednesday is universal after-work getting wasted and talk about nothing and try pickin some up at locanda verde time for just about all of the business casual team of tribeca. hay. 
luckily it didn't affect the taste of our miniature cotechino crostini. it was different from the life-changing cotechino that i experienced at the breslin months ago, because this was mashier and spreadable. but it was still meaty and delicious. 
 the lamb meatball sliders... tasted like lamb, naturally. which isn't my complete favorite taste in the world. but the pickles and the cheesies and the soft little brioche buns helped. 
also, they looked really cute. not like real lambs, but, you know.
the shaved porchetta sandwich was soft and toasty. it was originally plagued with mushrooms, but they were big enough to extract easily. 
the meat was totally fatty and i felt a few pounds chubbier after eating it. 
but fatties like fatties?

the punkin ravioli had crunched up cookies on it!!
what up, dessert for dinner. 
it fulfilled our comfy pasta craving, no doubt.

the maple budino, as seen on the best thing i ever ate,
was good if you like that sort of thing and if you're not a yeh girl who prefers something more along the lines of chocolate lava cake. the candied pecans were my favorite part. 
and the ice cream was kind of bizarro but what doesn't make us vom makes us stronger.
the whole place was decked out in christmas time.
it was like being in a gingerbread village, with gingerbread men and women in suits and attitudes and fur. the entrance had a christmas tree and sparklies and candy canes... 
also presents that, i hope, held enemas for the entire front of house. no offense. well, actually, yes offense. you should have witnessed these attitudes. but this is a happy blog. 
my ears were ringing post-meal from the eternal shouting at the bar, but my belly was happy. 



locanda verde is in tribeca