music things

the past week has included a variety of memorial concerts for 
the molly mobile 
{in case you dint know, she's less a wheel and a seat and i'm surely not ready for a unicycle in this life}
the first was the music of steve reich.
he is the guy in the middle with the baseball cap and his eyes closed because it was either this picture or a picture with mrs. cellist bending over and caleb craning his neck to look at imaginary things.
if you haven't heard the music of steve reich, you should because it is the musical equivalent to everything your parents did in the 70s. 
and then a performance of the entire daphnis et chloé went down and if mr. stick wasn't such an emotional tiger when he conducted i would have fallen asleep in between my 1st and 2nd/last notes. no really. i mean that in the best way possible though because yannick nézet-séguin really is the real thing. like i wish the entire audience could have been seated behind the orchestra to witness what was happening on the podium at the third peak in the second suite. there are no words to explain how outrageous it was.
oh and then this happened today. 
because after all, it is a music school.
 it was like tuba christmas, jr.