the annual dumplings of the world festival

there is no christmas goose in my family. 
rather, there is,
here, go to the living room and fill this dough with potatoes for samosas.
or. dip a ball of risotto in bread crumbs so that we can fry them and make arancini...
it's really hilarious to walk around my house on christmas day 
and see a bunch of family friends sitting around, 
drinking mulled wine, 
and making dumplings.
this is stoopie and her pierogi-lovin boyfriend. and pierogi!
and empanadas with vegan sausage {??!?!!?} represented south of the border
new this year was a scary feat,
that we conquered with ease and chickens.
alls we did was use our secret fammy potsticker recipe, 
and then added some gelatinized chicken broth in with the filling {yeah, they were even kosher...}
and they were fantastic!
take that, joe's shanghai :-)

next year's mission?
dessert dumplings...