week 45: blue smoke

i hadn't the slightest idea that barbecue was such a gaga-inducer until i came to new york and met a ton of texas people.
it is like global guts up in here about who has the best barbecue.
my first exposure was at the beginning of my freshman year when i quickly learned that the percussion studio boys will only spend money on food stand and food that comes in enormous quantities. and the only place uptown that would fulfill the latter and that was good for a post-mock audition eat-fest was dinosaur barbecue up in harlem. 
which was sometimes not ok because above 125th street gives me the heebiejeebies. at least it used to.
whatever. the point is, this week was my friend maria's 21st birthday {she's the one in the top picture that looks a bit constipated about all of the ribs in front of her} and she chose to celebrate at 
because people says it's good barbecues. and because it was sure to accommodate our male friends with the bulk food requirements.
this is a picture of charlie+pulled pork:
and plep+jia+a burger:
 peter+one from his rib variety pack:
me+mac and cheese:
and it was a real good time because maria's our girl and also because she started celebrating her 21st at about 9am.
but then as i was digging into my kc ribs, peter started speculating about his meat, a la,
"i wonder why the texas ribs are so much bigger? you think they let the animal grow more before they slaughter it? also, how many dead animals do you think are at this table right now? well, molly, you've easily got a full one in front of you..."
nuh uh.
molly can't talk about meat while she's eating meat.
it's just one of those things.
it evoked an amplified version of the little hippie inside of me saying "don't eat dead! don't eat dead!"
but in his defense,
there was so much meat.
and this coming from the girl that once ate schnitzel every day for a month.
i enjoyed my ribs, but also couldn't completely handle the whole eating-off-the-bone-am-i-wilma-flintstone thing.
it's ok. i sought solace in the mac and cheese, which, although bread crumbless, was tangy and good. especially with texas pete's hot sauce squirted alllll over.
 it was a meat explosion. 
and then the cake came out. 
and maria wished she got a momofuku crack pie for her birthday! 
and then she did cause i gave her one.
i wished {wait, can i wish even though it's not my birthday?} that my upbringing had given me a broader knowledge of barbecue. 
but then the wish gods said, "well it's either that or deep dish pizza." 
and i said, "ok never mind."



blue smoke is on 27th between park and lex. and it is connected to the jazz standard, in case you're itching for some jazz with your bbq.