today is stoopie's 25th birthday!! 
i can't even believe it. 
it seems like it was only three months ago that she was sticking things in her nose and then telling me to eat them.
{oh yeah! it was!}
stoopie is the silliest human bean i know. 
she once ate an entire stick of butter after drinking an entire bottle of cough syrup, 
and then another time she came home with real tattoos all over her back.
she also used to be a vegan... until tout à coup she had a craving for duck. 
and that was right around the time that all of her hair was formed into one massive dreadlock.
when i need a dose of silly, i look to stoopie. 
happy birthday, stoop! 
you smell like a monkey!



*stoop {stoopie} is the nickname that i gave my sister after she gave it to me. she is stoop. i, too, am stoop. i know. it works if she and i are the only ones who actually call each other that.
 stoop's had her fair share of manfriends that have tried calling me stoop, but then stoop and i didn't know who they were referring to so she had to kick them to the curb.
 the name came about circa 2001 after a series of other nicknames, including "ugly macdougal," "gertrude," and "hey in like flint, that's my favorite movie!"
"stoop" just stuck. i don't think it stemmed from "stupid." if anything, it came from front stoops. we like sittin on stoops.