on a scale from 1-10, 1 being
you are a fatty and a biatch
and 10 being
you are not a biatch but you are still a fatty,
is it really so terrible that i went to philly to watch my people run the marathon but spent the entire time that i wasn't cowbelling and cheering accomplishing a mildly respectable food tour?
is a 5.5 fair?
i began at the amazeballness that is reading terminal market, where i:
-feared for my poor teeths enamels and ate a sticky bun that was like soft doughy and delicious on the inside 
and chewy making my mouth work caramel-y sticky-y on the outside. 
-gazed at all of the little jars of jams and butters and hot sauces and mustards! but instead of buying a mustard {i had an intervention with myself about mustard. there are too many in my fridge that i'm neglecting}, i got a little punkin butter!
-ate a warm gooey chocolate chip cookie from the 4th street cookie company
-experienced the delilah's mac and cheese. it was the closest i've ever felt to my arteries clogging, and i don't know if  i'd ever forgive myself for eating it again, so i'm just going to have to mark this moment in history. the taste of the cream seemed to overpower the taste of the cheese, which is why i think it tasted so unique. but, what the hell do i know. it was seriously good. and maybe i should have run the marathon too.
 and then di bruno brothers happened.
and it was the least stressful cheese counter experience i've had in a while.
not that i don't love fairway and zabar's with all of my heart. but the problem is that just about everyone else in manhattan does too. and sometimes that make me verklempt.
i tasted cinnamon cheese. 
cinnamon without sugar is weird, but on creamy smelly cheese it was a whole new sperience! go figure... 
also there was a gigantor block of halvah hangin out for people to taste. 
di bruno brothers is like if zabar's went on a yoga retreat. kind of.
and then i visited a wawa... i had would have been like taking a road trip and not stopping at the cracker barrel.
yay! josh and jen run the marathon!!!
they were so wonderful!! i arrived at the finish line just in time to see josh shatter his personal record. 
and then we went to go cheer on jen along the skoooookil as she finished her first marathon!! it was awesome.
 they got medals and those sweet tin foil capes!
i don't know how people do it. i can barely run a mile*
but i am so so proud of them!!
*maybe this should morph into a fitness blog...
while jen was running, i did what i do best:
play cowbell and eat soft pretzels!
if anyone can give me a history lesson about why philly pretzels look, umm, vertically challenged, i would be really appreciative. 
and then as a celebration, josh and i went to a street stand and got
philly cheesesteaks!
i am no virge to the cheesesteak. but i just had to enjoy one in philly, especially since the best way to get a good cheesesteak in new york is to go to penn station to catch an amtrak to philly, apparently. i hadn't any time to go to the places with all the hype, but my street stand cheesesteak hit the spot as much as cheesesteaks do!

...and with that, training for philly marathon 2014 begins... tomorrow. or the day after.