liars, cheaters, and identity crises pastries

{things i ate this weekend}

 my phở virginity was stolen
almost beyond my will,
because at the top of its lungs, the world yelled soup weather
and since i wanted a sandwich, i tried to plug my ears. but it was too loud.
so there it was, my first phở...with uncomfortably confusing condiments and boring rice doodles.
 it was fine. but i was expecting my mind to be blown, a la my first bánh mì experience, and it was not.
i thought  phở was supposed to be life-changing, people! need i try it again at a better place?
 i ate a schnitzel. that was not from the schnitzel truck.
it felt naughty that i wasn't in midtown,
 with my bike, 
eating it out of foil,
and licking mustard off of my hands.
yes, i cheated. i'm sorry, schnitzel truck. i just don't do well not being able to see you on weekends. take me back?
this evening i pedaled my rear end to the momofuku milk bar in midtown {only seven minutes from school, oy vey}
where i hoped to jump on this pastrami croissant train but instead was talked in to something called a
a heart attack roll stuffed with taters gratin, pancetta, and onions
and a
corn cookie
cornbread in cookie form! i wouldn't want to be its therapist or anything, but how cute is that?
my tummy hated me afterward. 
but damn i love some milk bar. such silly and unexpected combinations and love babies. 
i even spotted kimchi butter up in, but... actually now that i think of it, i should have.

i hope everybody had wonderful weekends!! 
happy monday :-)