the chrismikah list.

dear hannukah harry,
i know this is kind of late and all, with the eight days starting tomorrow,
but maybe you can talk to santy claus and work something out for christmas?
i've been good, i prom.
ok here's what i want:

1. to be able to eat corn on the cob without anything getting stuck in my teeth
2. more main streets, more downward hills, more bike paths... the molly mobile would lurve you
3. for my entire family to be uprooted and placed in a cute little suburb, just outside of new york {new jersey is ok, i guess... but maybe we can discuss westchester? just let them be close, please!}
4. the essential accoutrements for the molly mobile. because i've been riding this whole entire time without tassles and a wicker basket. blasphemy, i know.
5. el bulli
6. a news site that will deliver just the facts and all the facts. 
so that i can really know what animal parts are going in my hot dogs...
7. world peas and happy potatoes! 

ok, hh, you down with that?