week 43: the token awful one

 it had to happen sometime, no?
i don't really want to talk about it.
because this is a happy blog, goddamnit. 
not a the-cheese-in-this-fritter-tastes-like-it-was-once-powdered blog.
and certainly not a hold-on-a-sec-while-i-scrape-away-all-of-the-fat-on-this-pukey-looking-pork-that-i'm-going-to-try-anyways-because-it-costs-half-my-rent blog.
molly is a sad sad queasy barfy panda :-[
the good that came spewing out of this situation {like projectile style} was a lovely hang with wonderful friends,
and the reaffirmed belief that the only foods that should ever be consumed on the upper west side are
and bagels
and pizza.
pray that i make up for this one in my remaining nine restaurants.



this restaurant has already been blocked out of my memory. don't ask me where it is or i'll hit you with the grumpy stick.