practicing the xylphones, sitting in class, and eating cafeteria food do not an exciting life make.

but i have, in recent past, hung out with some cows and my little cousin {she's the one in the purple, the cows are the ones in the black and white}
and i made the above drawring in french class of george gershwin and gracie.
did i tell you i speak french now? it was almost enough to order a croque madame at the little french cafe that i went to in williamsburg a few days ago. but then it wasn't enough so it ended up being something like, "can i have a croque madame s'il vous plait et un... iced coffee?" i'm getting there.
i also began teaching again!! yay little kids. only a majority of my students this year are about one watermelon taller than me. so if i assign one too many rudiments, i face the possibility of them beating me up. evs. 
furthermore, i write for a music blog now! it's called campusounds and it's about college musicians around the world. i just interviewed one of my fave dinosaur/composer hybrids, armand ranjbaran. he's the goofiest person ever but also really smart, so read about him. 

other then that. my life is back to cafeteria honey mustard, counting rests... and then yesterday i learned about twelve bar blues. {no comment}.