ok, the vendys.

 you know that question that people always ask you...
if you were trapped on a desert island and could only have three food trucks with you, 
which three would you bring??
the vendys are the real life version of that. but you don't have to choose just three.
because, essentially, what you do is you chill on gov'ner's island all day, and you float around to about twenty of the best food trucks from the city {and philly} 
and in between trucks, you blaze drink large amounts of riesling. 
and you bask in the sun. and you make new friends. and you avoid the port-o-potties like the devil.
this is the schnitzel truck crew!!!!!!!! and a hairy chest.
and check out these schnitz burger balls!! they're the dead version of those cake balls i been seeing errywhere. and they were all gobbled up before i got one :-( :-( :-( :-(
and look! i got to serve tater salad and cucumber salad to happy and hungry people. 
and later, it was "chickpeas? beets? feta on those beets? i think you need feta on those beets."
i finally got a chance to try the big gay ice cream truck!!
i had a little sample of vanilla soft serve with curry coconut and ginger syrup. it was so good.
other things i consumed were:
a ginger mint slushie from the kelvin slushie bro-mobile {mmmmmm}
taiwanese-style potsticka {mmmmmmmm}
a venezuelan sandwich on grilled plantains {mmmmm, i know, plantains, but still mmmm}
dragon's beard candy {what on earth? MMMMMMMM}
weenie-shaped falafel from the falafel king {hmmmmm}
and chai masala guerilla ice cream {hmmmmmm. ok. mm}
at the end there were awards given out. which i didn't really pay attention to. well, i did, but i got sad about them and invented my own:
the molly cup award
the schnitzel truck!
the badass awesome award
the schnitzel truck!
the-omg-your-fried-meat-is-so-good-especially-with-extra-mustard-and-extra-lemon-and-tater-salad-mmmmmmm-tater-salad award
the schnitzel truck!

it was a clean sweep, for sure.
it was also the best day ever.
nothing beats a day on an island with food trucks.



for further reading on the vendys...
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all pictures on this post are copyrighted by donny tsang. he is a badass food photographer. teach me, donny!