new music bake sale!!

after the vendys, i somehow squeezed out some more energy to hail a cab and get to fort greene for the
i was so in the spirit, i made little coconut cupcakes that looked like drums for a percussion group to sell.
have you ever heard of a better idea than combining baked things/people with new music?
i haven't. well. actually it's about as equally a good idea as spending a day on an island with a shitton of food trucks.
in addition to cookies and cakes, 
there were bagpipes, and face paint, and mellissa hughes dressed as a blow-up sex doll {?!?}, and, yes i promise you, plenty of bass clarinet.
the line up was very fun. i love seeing what all these composers have been a brewin!
i can't wait for next year. also can there be a new music steak sale?