l'shana tovah!

ok let's get sumpin straight:
i'm aware that i'm not the most observant bubbeleh on the upper west side.
{i'm sorry, it's just... pork belly has its way sometimes}
but i do love the high holidays because i get to spend time with my fammy
and, of course, eat tasty delicious food!
the problem is, sometimes i just plum forget what the eating rules are.
as in, is this the one where we're not supposed to eat? or are we supposed to eat fried stuff? what shape should my challah {holla!} be in? and should it be risen?
by now i can pretty much hang without looking like a total idiot, 
but i still find myself praying every time that:
let this please be the one where i get to eat matzoh ball soup.
and apples and honey!!! do i get apples and honey??? i lovvvve apples and honey. mmmmmmmmm.
i have an inkling that i'm right about this one.
here's to a happy and yummy new year!!!
i'm off to celebrate in massachusetts!