and then it was fall...

today began the school year  {with my one entire class}
but forever i will remember this summer as the summer of biking, the summer of ice cream sandwiches, the summer i successfully dodged eating a lobster roll, and most importantly 
the summer i won a whole month of schnitzel.
i also saw xenakis on a boat, attended my first bang on a can marathon, heard all of varese's works live, committed a flea market tour, made new friends, kept the old, wrote for time out magazine, witnessed a live taping of iron chef, won ten cents at the belmont stakes, took a little trip to tanglewood, said bye bye to my wisdom teeths, ate goat, went to a regina spektor concert, saw the silk road ensemble and leila josefowicz in the same week {!} and {also most importantly} saw an episode of the jersey shore for the first time. 
beat that, fall.

but really. who's excited for punkin bread and my red leather jacket? i am.