week 34: los huaraches

i'm proud. so proud of my little neighborhood.
all of the dry-cleaners and the gas stations and the juicy couture are officially worth enduring for this itsy-bitsy place i stumbled upon a few days ago:
i don't know a thing about it.
i don't know when it opened...
it's sort of dumpy,
but  if there's anything new york has taught me besides how to sweet talk my corner pastry stand guy into giving me a free donut,
it's to embrace the little dumpy places!
so mum and i did just that and gorged on tortas that picked us up right where xoco's left off last week.
we got a 
hawaiian torta
pineapples, ham, cheese, avocados, mayo{?}, jalapenos, tomaters, and onions
and a
chickens torta
chickens {cluck cluck}, avocado, tomaters, onions, jalapenos, beans {?}, mayo {?}, and no cheese {sad pandas sad pandas}
and girls, this is what a torta should be.
i apologize for not confirming the localness of the chickens,
but how can you say no to pillow soft, buttery, almost focaccia-y bread?
and omg. hawaiian torta. it really is as good as it sounds. for a fruit that sort of freaked the begeezies out of me until a few months ago, pineapple is kind of winning.
maybe the taco truck outside of my apartment will let me pitch this idea to them.
of course:
my fave! with overtones of bubblicious that almost had the marshmallow peep effect, but a horchata nonethefewer.
well by gum. this place. it's oggle-worthy. who knew a torta of this caliber could be found out here in the stix?
it's like glenda the good witch's magical bubble just appeared out of nowhere and then burst open with magic and pink and beans. and everyone is gleeful. 
and lunch is fun again.

...18 to go, señor sillies!



los huaraches is on milwaukee, a bit north of lake. in the north suburbs of chicago!