week 32: addis abeba

my knowledge of ethiopia is:
which is in fact no knowledge at all.
{but it's funny. watch this}
so i took it upon myself to learn more.
or rather,
mum made me.
she woke me up yesterday at the wee wee hour of noon and said,
if you're not ready in fifteen minutes to go eat ethiopian food with me and stoopie and marshy, you're starving.
here it is. 
{oh and that's stoopie imitating something}
evanston's finest ethiopian.
i want a bagel.

instead i got a deconstructed plate of what happens the day after you go to chola and then sing karaoke. 
and a plate of shamwows {they were sour and made me want to vom}
but they made good masks.
marshy and mum and stoop seemed to be enjoying themselves.
and everybody talks about how awesome ethiopian food is.
but i thought this experience was more reminiscent of those family friend dinners you're dragged to when you're five and you spend the entire time sitting impatiently until your parents finally decide to leave so that you can beg them to go to burger king or mcdonalds or, for heaven's sake, 
can they just make you a giant bowl of oatmeal?
am i missing something?

maybe i need to try it again when i haven't just gotten out of bed...
and go to a place that's not puketastic...
20 to go.



addis abeba is on chicago ave in evanston.
around the corner from will's old apartment.