the crack that is cookie in a bowl

if ever there was a really good reason why my friends and i showed up to marching band practice on tuesday nights during the summer,
this was it:
d'agostino's cookie in a bowl
a just-outta-the-oven cookie that would crush levain in a smackdown
a few scoops of homer's ice cream
and drizzly stuff.
since we had just spent four hours in the sun marching our little buns off,
we figured we could take the fattyness.
{and be "we" i mean "they." i didn't actually ever march. i was in the pit. so what. i still wanted cookie in a bowl}
there was never any question. after practice, the first stop was d'ag's.

and since yesterday was tuesday {or because we just had cravings...}
we relived our sweet high school memories 
and gorged.
and gorged.
and gorged some more.

and then drove around listening to the backstreet boys.
viva boybands.