bánh mì at home

in life,
the best way to really screw yourself over,
is to realize your craving for bánh mì after you've boarded a plane to leave new york and go to illinois for a month.
{because apparently the deli counter at the jewel-osco has yet to experience this phenomenon. no offense}
but since mum and i have been crafty little minxes lately,
we made our own!!
we found this food network recipe,
schlepped to the super h market,
and only had mild conniption{s} when the request for vietnamese-style pork roll was met with confusion, speechlessness, and ultimately a recommendation to substitute it for corn dogs made from fish, or grutinous rice balls. 
oscar meyer to the rescue.
and just like that, three more types of pork wiggled their way into our house...
and legit bánh mìs were accomplished!!
these were really, really, go-to-the-back-of-a-jewelry-store {r.i.p} legit ...crises averted.
so, if your bánh mì depot is nonexistent, get your paws on some daikon and make these!