week 30: xiao ye

if you're drunk and you're in harlem,
you go to lincoln fried chicken.
if you're drunk and you're on the upper west side,
you go to grey's papaya.
if you're drunk and you're in taiwan,
first of all,
call your mother. does she know you're there?
i'd imagine you'd eat something like the booty call food* at 
the soon-to-open
{from the punks that brought you baohaus}
*it's a technical term, coined by owner eddie

please enjoy these pretty pictures from this weekend's six-course preview love fest:
 concubine cucumbers
no,really, that's the name.
they're deliciously sweet and garlicky pickled cucumbers
with a touch of salt 
that i imagine give you way more joy than a concubine.
tofu bricks
and you will shit a brick, these are so good
if you made a marshmallow into a donut
and then extracted the part where marshmallows are a million times too sweet 
and then added chili sauce and peanuts and scallions
you'd get these.
and you'd never want to stop.
poontang potstickers
filled with pat lafrieda meat
a dumpling dressed up as fat bastard yelling at a mini me black label burger, saying 
"get in my belly!"
these are your wildest dreams come true.
summa the most outrageous dumplings you'll ever have.
in true pat lafrieda fashion, these melt-in-your-mouth puppies don't need any condiments.
just love.
all love.
taiwan most famous pork on rice
the filling of a barbecue pork bun, ground up
over rice
simple & comforting.
like your favorite hamburger helper on asian steroids.
hainan chicken
christmas-colored sauces
chicken flavored rice
odd. my grandma didn't tell me she got a job cooking at xiao ye...
sweet potato balls
fried sweet taters with sesame seeds
brown suga
sneakily disguised as red bean balls...
a wonderful, happy ending :-)


ahh the satisfaction.
i can't wait for this place to legit open.
i'm going to get, like, a trillion poontang potstickers.
it's going to be amazing.

22 restaurants to go.



xiao ye is on orchard and stanton 

p.s. am i naive for not knowing what "poontang" meant?
i googled it.
bad idea.