schnitzel month days 3, 4, and 5

chickens with mustard
since the schnitzel truck menu doesn't specify what kind of mustard they serve,
i prepared myself accordingly:
"don't fret, self," i said on the bike ride to the truck,
"their schnitzel is fantastic,
it's ok if their mustard is flawed. 
whatever qualities their mustard lacks, they can make up in schnitzel...
don't freak out too much if the mustard pairing isn't perfect, ok?"
 i was scared--really scared--that i would soon find the flaw in the schnitzel truck.
you'll all be relieved to know that schnitzel truck's mustard is indeed the perfect schnitzel mustard.
{it is hot}
there were three layers of meat on this sandwich.
are the schnitzelmen trying to kill me?
i dissected it and reconstructed it to better pace myself.
it was fine,
but the whole time,
the tiny rabbi in me begged me to go back to chicken.
double points for there being enough mustard on this weenie.
triple points for this being good enough that if the schnitzel men wanted to open the bratwurst truck,
it would absolutely rival the schnitzel truck.

i'm just really glad that i have something to hold me over on the days when i get tired of schnitzel.
{not that that is even close to happening...}


if i stick to my schedule,
i should try cod tomorrow.
but part of me wants to just go for the schnitzburger and see what happens.
i'll see how i feel tomorrow.