schnitzel month day 1

chicken schnitzel sandwich
spicy mayo

holy poopcakes.
i had forgotten how good this is.
the schnitzel from the schnitzel & things truck is some of the best in the city,
and i'm really happy i was reminded of that today because
this month would be lame-o.

i see more sandwiches than platters coming my way in the next few weeks...
i just don't see how i will be able to get over this ciabatta bread!
it's so soft ,
and a little bit sweet.
i see it wanting to be a donut.


i've been pondering what i should eat when i'm not eating my daily schnitzel,
and i think it should be one of two things:

1. nothing
2. vegetables

i think i'm going to need to limit myself on the mayo
because if i'm actually going to try to not let myself go completely:
{fried things + mayo things}x 30 < {fried things + all other condiments}x 30  

then again
if i'm going for tasties:
{fried things + mayo things}x 30 > {fried things + all other condiments}x 30 

when i finished my sammich today,
the only thing i could think about was
what am i getting tomorrow?!