would it kill you to eat a vegetable

i ate a vegetable this weekend.
it felt weird.
i went to the unfancy food show this weekend.


the stars were
confit village
{duck confit+puff pastry=confiterole! how cute?}
i went to the bang on a can marathon this weekend.

and i guest live-blogged for friend will's blog
check it out for some more details about the performances!
i only made it for about four hours
some people will have been there for all twelve hours!
there were a ton of cool concepts
{asses on pianos, music out of chalkboards, you know...}
but i think the most inspiring and polished performance that i saw was 
fred frith's snakes and ladders
performed by the bang on a can all stars

and i loved the gamelan ensemble
starring my old friend sam!


i went to the brooklyn flea this weekend.
and ate a hot dog with pork belly
a porchetta sandwich
a gruyere grilled cheese
a banh mi-style hot dog
a pretzel with truffles
a raspberry basil popsicle
{not alone- with friend katie, of course}
and then in a state of stupidity i erased all of my pictures. 
reason to go back soon.

my friend kyle won a job in the new york philharmonic this weekend
yay yipee!!!!!
congratulations, buddy :-)

'twas a fabulous weekend.