week 26: katz's delicatessen

when it is two in the morning and you are on the lower east side and you're confused because because just a few moments ago you were on the upper west side at harry's burritos and you just got off the phone with your best friend's dad because you tried calling your best friend but instead his dad answered and you are not quite sure who is more drunk, and somebody just asked you which way to the cruise ship, you know that something fantastic is about to happen:

you are going to eat a katz's pastrami sandwich.


it wasn't my idea. 
it was sam's.
he's my favorite.
  and when him and i were the last ones standing in a monumental evening of inebriation,
we decided this was our prize.
{last one to vom wins a sandwich!}
here is what i recall:

-thinking there would be a long wait
-there not being a long wait
-being confused about where to order
-receiving a free sample of pastrami while we waited
-ordering a pastrami sandwich and matzoh ball soup
-having an easy time finding a place to sit
-sam eating all of the pickles
-me being ok with it
-getting mad at sam for stealing my soup crackers
-sam repeating,
ohmygod this is amazing
while he stuffed his face
-bread so so so sooo soft, softer than any rye i've ever had
-being confused over which is better:
millburn or katz?
-medium warm medium good matzoh ball soup
-being confused about where to pay
-trying to pay with card
-having to pay with cash
-confusion about tipping
-just... general confusion, but extreme satisfaction
-wanting more

next time?

katz: the sober edition!
but first...
26 more to go!! 
i'm halfway there!!!



katz's delicatessen is on hudson and ludlow in the l.e.s.
it's really really old.