what i may or may not have had for dinner.

it's jury week.
next week is finals week.
and i have an audition coming up.

girl, i be stressin.

i want my p.j.s,
my bed,
mr. mumbles,

{hey, mr. mumbles}

and comfort food that i don't need a reservation for,
and that i don't need to lift a finger for.

enter: the kid cuisine
{yes, i took a picture of myself with a kid cuisine}

you have to understand something about my dietary biography:

i came out of the womb an oatmeal-ivore
and when i outgrew that {circa age 5}
there was a short phase of strictly fish sticks
and then 
kid cuisines

i'm highly embarrassed to say that i lived on them.
particularly the chicken nugget kind.
so tonight, 
after a particularly brutal orchestra reading, 
i purchased a chicken nugget kid cuisine at my corner store.

and i am very happy to see that they have, for the most part, remained unchanged over the past fifteen years.

the way the protective layer forms over the pudding by the time you get to it,
the way the mac and cheese is always just a little bit cold because if you microwave it any longer, the chicken nuggets will overcook...
even the sensation you get when, after thinking that you're going to need to get up to get a pair of scissors to open the sprinkle packet, you realize that it is in fact pretty easy to rip it open with your hands {score!}

one thing has changed:
the shape of the sprinkles.

what were once the classic long and skinny ones,
are now stars.
which, in my opinion, are a little bit less fun
because, unlike the predecessors,
 the artificial coloring in the stars doesn't bleed and make tie dye pudding when you swirl it around.


want to hear something really grotesque?
one of my favorite things when i was a wee one,
was when, in the process of microwaving,
a glob of pudding would explode into the mac and cheese section,
creating a chocolatey bite of mac.

whatever, i loved it.


this is going to be one of those posts that i look back on in a few months and get really incredibly embarrassed about.

call it masochism.
i call it deliciousness.