on failing dinner... {memoirs from the battle of yeh vs. stockhausen paper{s}}

in my recent state of hunger, i left my station in the student lounge {the same lounge plagued with the girl eating a magnolia cupcake with a fork, what the...} and made the cold and stormy trek across 66th street to the gourmet garage. my goal: soup. because if you can't beat this magnificent fall weather, you might as well join it. gourmet garage's absence of the famed chicken and dumpling gave me no choice but to get the tomato cheddar bisque. and the absence of cornbread gave me no choice but to get a sexually confused pastry {plain scone? or biscuit?}.... gourmet garage, you're falling apart. i feared the biscone would leave me craving more carbohydrates, so i additionally purchased a "turkish crepe with potato." and four m&m cookies. stress you're really having it out on me, aren't you? i'm back at my station in the lounge now. girl with the cupcake is gone {thank you, cheeses}. and it wasn't until after i had eaten half of the bisque, three quarters of the biscone, and about an eighth of the crepe did i realize that it was all absolutely disgusting. i should have listened to the ingredients list on the bisque when the second ingredient listed was heavy cream. i should have never bought a prepackaged crepe. i should have never thought it a good idea to dip a biscone into a bisque. 

the cookies, on the other hand, are heavenly. although, upon reexamining my choices, i probably should have just gone all the way and gotten a levain cookie. 

now i am full and unsatisfied and knee deep in stimmung. and it is one of the lowest feelings of all the land.

on a more positive note, let us put our hands together and give a warm welcome to my friend jared who has recently joined the blogosphere.