cyclone's needle

a few months ago
i performed a piece by spencer topel called
cyclone's needle
with the famed/illustrious/hilarious/wisconsin-native mike "the truth" truesdell

details on this can be found in
life of a percussionist part one, park two, and part three
discussing finding the instruments,
building them,
etc etc etc...
{here are a few photos from the process taken by the lovely jill steinberg}

{spending hours figuring out ways to suspend rebar... not really what i had in mind when i told my parents i wanted to play percussion in the 4th grade}
instruments included:
metal mixing bowls
water heater pans
ceramic tiles
metal nails
aluminum sheets

and all sounds were mutated in a computer system/technology thing that is some sort of 20th/21st century phenomenon about which i am not nearly educated enough.
sounded pretty sweet though
and i got to throw stuff at the end

and this bow may or may not have been our rehearsal bow
{for a fake audience teehee}



all photos  ©jill steinberg
taken in the rosemary & meredith willson theater