birthday tea

birthday tea at 
happened with birthday buddy doug
the day before our birthday
after a matinee chicago symphony performance of mahler 5
mahler 5, coincidentally enough, happens to be the theme song of my birthday-
as it has become a bit of a tradition for me to ring in the new year by listening to the adagietto,
which brings me to tears every time i hear it live.

it {the tea}
and its accouterments {pictured above}
were scrumptious
and made me wonder:
why don't we have tea time every day?
{like curtis... and english people}

the russian tea time is one of my favorite places to go in chicago.
it's been one of my favorites since i was a wee one
and didn't mind that nothing on the menu was in my dietary dogma 
{i.e. they didn't have mac and cheese}
because their pumpernickel bread is so good,
i could easily make a meal out of it.

now that i eat other things,
i get the potato vareniki or the tea service.
and of course the russian tea!
dougie got the pumpin vareniki which were equally as good.