birthday dinner... the 

was drunken,

{accompanied by mustard, yay!}


and wiener-y!

and it was all accompanied by an
that wouldn't let me take over the drumset for just one tune...
maybe it was for my own good?

the cake
from the bakery across the street from the brauhaus,
was an almond torte covered in marzipan and chocolate
and was delicious.
{since my elaborate marzipan pig collection in the third grade, i've been a sucker for marzipan}

the schnitzel
exceeded my expectations
{even though my expectations have sadly been lowered, thanks to new york city's b-rated efforts when it comes to the deutsches essen}
the shell was thick & crispy
 the spätzle doughy
and the green beans--
hah who are we kidding? i didn't eat green beans on my birthday

...and may we all just pause for a second and recognize how photogenic a schnitzel and his friends are?
if it's done right,
the earthy brown color of the schnitzel,
with the creamy white of the spätzle,
and the forrest green veggies,
{and the small portion of bright yellow from the lemon}
just compliment each other so well,
they may as well be 
the supermodel of meat. 

it's just another reason to eat schnitzel often.

i digress.

my birthday dinner was great!
beautiful people + beautiful food... what better way to celebrate??



p.s. i promise i had enough water