with my 21st birthday quickly approaching,
heaven only knows the effects my legalness will have on mister blog...

{will my first drink be out of a pitcher?}

i've done my research,
checked in on some of them drinkin blogs,
and can only imagine how well a tidbit about a cocktail or three will compliment my restaurant challenge posts.

i've compiled a small list of beverages 
that i'll best be trying
once the big day arrives:

ginger in the rye
michter’s rye, angostura bitters, la fée absinthe,
ginger beer, pressed limes
bison sour
vodka, lemon, sugar, egg white, cinnamon

creole daiquiri
old new orleans three-year rum, 

chorizo-infused sombra mezcal, lime, 
pomegranate molasses, cane syrup, salt 

mother's milk
a creamy stout with a little bit of milk and chocolate.

made with coffee.

tea flower
 vodka, green tea, elderflower syrup, orange twist

lavender cosmo
blueberry lavender vodka, cranberry juice, cassis
whisknladle {la jolla}

london's burning
broker's gin, jalepeño, avocado, lime
whisknladle {la jolla}

smoked horchata
house-made horchata, herradura

reposado tequila, crema de
mezcal, cinnamon bark syrup,
dash of angostura bitters,
cinnamon stick


i'm really excited to drink lavender things
and ginger things
and amaretto things...

it's going to be fantastic.

i'll finally be able to have
  beer with my schnitzel,
wine with my cheese.

i promise not to slur my posts.