why this week was marvelous.

{reasons that don't involve mum and me stuffing our faces}

 it's been in the 80s almost every day,
and magnolias are blooming everywhere!

i purchased the jónsi album. and it's super sweet.

the juilliard jazz orchestra performed tonight.
even though i could only stay for one piece, it was a mighty fine piece.

the spring percussion ensemble concert was monday!

{most of the group}

it went really well.
the energy was fantastic.

i took a fabulous nap today.

the weather gave mum and me a really legitimate reason to get

we also went to the original c.o. bigelow in the west village. 

i saw an abundance of brightly colored doors.
brightly colored doors are definitely in the mid range of my top one hundred favorite things.
and for being a door, that's pretty high.

i didn't give in to the voice in my head that says "just do it" about buying an ipad,
every time i walk by the apple store
{which is an average of two times a day}

i was reintroduced to this video from snl.

happy weekend, everyone!!