week 15: motorino

i don't know when it began,
but a while back i made a trip home from school,
and friday night was magically instated by mum as 
pizza night.

it was either,

a) in an effort to regulate our pizza intake
so that we could either  
[1] have a night where we wouldn't have to feel terribly guilty about indulging in cheese and grease not that i do anyways or 
[2] limit ourselves to one night a week because otherwise some of us would eat it every day


b) in an effort to not slave in the kitchen for one day a week


c) as a continuation of "b," observe the shabbos 
kidding. if that were true we probably wouldn't be ordering pepperoni. 

as a result,
we've become pretty well versed in pizza in the suburbs of chicago
{which pretty much means we get lou mal's every friday that i'm home}
but in preparation for last week's visit,
mum and i saved our friday night pizza night for monday night so that we wouldn't have to wait seven hours for a table at

in the east village.

because when you've got rachel ray calling motorino the best pizza on the east coast  in her march madness pizza bracket,

there's obv gonna be a line out the door.

since dining at odd hours is apparently my expertise,
we were able to walk in late on a monday night sans line.
yay yipee!!

since everything looked so good,
and also sometimes in a foreign language,
we had miss waitress decide for us,

"one red and one white"

so we got

basil, olive oil, sea salt


soppressata piccante
mozzarella, spicy soppressata, garlic, oregano

and when the stracciatella came out first,
i ate the first piece so fast
that i forgot to enjoy it!

so i had another.
and another.
and then shared the love with the soppressata 
and couldn't get enough of that either...

until both pizzas were all gone and i wanted to puke my brains out

but darn, it was worth it.

the texture of the crust in this pizza napoletana thing is just so addictive
and the slightly burnt/smokey taste adds another element,
that makes you feel way glamorous in the process of stuffing your face.
i preferred the stracciatella,
mainly because of the massive amounts of cheese
{tummy didn't like me for that one though}
the soppressata was very good, 
although i wasn't ohmygod wild about it.
it had overtones of cheetos. 
and i wanted more cheese.

really, it's all about the crust.
chewy, doughy, and soft in the middle, 
 a bit crispy on the outside
i think i could live off the stuff.

to add to the excitement of our delicious meal,
entertainment arrived mid-pie in the form of the owner pulling up in a taxi,
having just been at le poisson rouge for the
and delivered the readers' choice award for 
best new pizzeria in new york!
go motorino!!

{i sat sheepishly in my seat as we are the champions blasted over the speakers,
 hoping that no one would find out that i voted for kesté... oops.
to know which was better though,
goodness they were so similar,
i'd have to try them again...}

oooh can it be friday night pizza night soon please?

37 to go...



motorino is located on 12th st and 1st ave, as well as at 319 graham ave in brooklyn
open sun-th 11am-12am
fri-sat 11am-1am