rice krispies treats, the other white meat

i had forgotten about rice krispies treats.
they were always the token reward after ayso soccer games 
whether you win or lose, 
the only thing that matters
 is the porportion of marshmallows to rice krispies that the soccer mom uses

i was fondly reminded of their simple yumminess today
when i was perusing the aisles of zabar's
in search of a tasty lunch
and i happened upon some 
super glamorous rice krispies treats
from a bakery in roslyn, new york {the hometown of many a family member} called
they were so tasty,
i decided to rush home to make my own tonight.

here's the recipe:

the i'm-home-on-a-friday-night-by-myself-making-rice-krispies-treats-don't-judge 
rice krispies treats
{i.h.o.a.f.n.b.m.m.r.k.t.d.j. rice krispies treats}


a bag of marshmallows 
from fairway that were obviously left over from the summer because when else does one buy "campfire" marshmallows?? whatever. let's pretend they melt better.
a box of rice krispies
don't even think about generic ones
a few tablespoons of butter
a can of marzipan {?!?!}
chocolate chips
anything else you want... gummi bears, peanut butter chips, bacon, who cares? you're making them for yourself.
beethoven opus 132 for your soundtrack


1. melt the butter in a pan, add the marshmallows, melt those too

2. add just the right amount of rice krispies {heck if i know how many cups that was...}

3. spray a pan with pam, pour it in, but first sprinkle in a layer of chocolate chips or whatevs

4. check your facebook

5. add a layer of marzipan

6. add a layer of jimmies

7. add another layer of marzipan and jimmies just for kicks

8. maybe some mustard?

9. put a piece of parchment over the top, smash it down. a lot.
 there's nothing worse than a loosey goosey rice krispies treat.

10. stick it in the fridge, 
clean your kitchen, 
take them out of the fridge, 
eat them all because no one is there to judge you but yourself.

et voilà!

the life, it is good.