mustaches for people without

such as, but not limited to:
a majority of females
asian males {#stereotypesiamallowedtomakebecauseiamasian}

a guide for my real life friends
 who are attending my mustache get together 
this weekend
 {sorry, blog friends}

1. draw one on your finger with a sharpie marker
{you can also draw one directly on your face with a sharpie marker, 
depending on how hardcore you really are}
2. ye old mask
{thanks, izia!}
3. a necklace!
if you don't have a super awesome art student friend to make you one,
you may purchase one at catbird in brooklyn

4. put one on a stick
{because things are just better on sticks... think about corndogs}

5. use other hair 


6. purchase from the vending machine on amsterdam between 85th and 86th

have wonderful a wonderful weekend!