things chicago has that new york has not {love to both though}

ok, new york's got:

out-of-this-world food stands

...but may chicago please have a few seconds of fame??

1. dim sum
i've been totally spoiled rotten with chicago dim sum all my life
{particularly furama}
that new york's just doesn't cut it, flavor wise or variety wise.

2. sisters
stoop in the center, mia on the right.
boy are they silly.

"you can pick your nose, 
and you can pick your friends,
but you can't pick your sisters."
-mia, as she picks her nose.

3. hot dogs
NUH UH said the big fat juicy chicago dog,
complete with a bazillion toppings.
and it's kosher.
and superdawg is one of america's last drive-ins. 

4. pizza
part of my soul dies every time i walk past 
on central park west.
there's really no place to get good chicago pizza other than chicago.
{unless you're like mum and you order twelve lou malnati's pizzas to be overnighted on dry ice to tampa}

5. extremely tall people of the male kind
roomie thinks it's the midwestern diet.
i think it's the dim sum.
but it's true, 
i tower over a majority of my guy friends in the east.
but in chicago?
i'm a munchkin.

6. a mediumly casual schnitzel
in new york, it's either, drup a hundo on a nice meal at wallsé,
or fear for your life eating on the street in front of schnitzel truck.
no in between.
chicago's got it,
at kuhn's

...and one thing i'm glad that new york doesn't have...

extremely mysterious restaurant names
i'm confused.
they don't give us anything to work with, like,
"bar and burger," "noodle bar," or even "bakery" tacked on the end.

either way,
chicago, you will forever be my home.
new york, you will forever be the city that i live in right now.
and i love you both.
but i am sad to leave home today :-(