life of a percussionist, part three

first, i would like to express my gratitude towards 
for designing these pencils to encourage followers of pop kultur to 
do something that i've done out of necessity for a future 
since high school. 

i'm glad jonathan adler is on my side.


the following is a paid advertisement*

i just got my new joseph pereira by jason ginter percussion timpanist sticks and they are neat-o!
joseph pereira
my teacher/timpanist in the l.a. phil/former esquire model
my surfing teacher/timpanist in the san diego symphony/stick company entrepreneur extraordinaire
just check out how pretty they are!!
and how glamourous the green handles are!!
they sound and feel fab,
they don't come from germantown or japantown {= cost less than germantown and japantown mallets}
and they're green.
and the bamboo is expertly matched by jason ginter.
the weight is good too.
tacos are good too.

*this advertisement was paid for by tacos {in the future}

{seriously, tacos aside, these mallets are really excellent}


despite the fact that composer man showed up to the opening night of
beyond the machine
{with instruments at hand}
three minutes before the downbeat
a.k.a. too late to use the original instruments
the piece was a great success.

i shattered a tile on the last note of the piece
and felt pretty glamourous about it.
and the original instruments 
made for great photo shoot props, post performance
{also semi-failed attempt at reenacting american gothic... not smiling is really easier said than done, i'm sorry}



a 9:30 pm so percussion concert at carnegie/zankel hall
ended my evening.

reasons why a concert would have been at 9:30 pm:

a. so that everyone playing the usual 8 o'clock concert 
could high tail it to zankel in time for the second half's steve mackey premiere
b. because the high decibels would have most definitely disrupted 
the san francisco symphony concert next door
c. because a concert with that programming is too damn hip to be as early as 8
d. because one cannot get nearly inebriated enough by 8

in any case,

i enjoyed it a lot.

and at one point, when the performers were pulling strings off the floor that looked like pieces of pink bubble gum to activate an alien nose, i thought my face was going to explode.

there was a solo wind-up toy part.
bet you violinists don't get to do that fun s***

love drums.