week 8: wafels & dinges truck

when i was 9 or 10,
i went outside of the country for the first time,
and i was so taken by the little smart cars, 
the fries and mayonnaise, and of course,
the waffles.
and i have this memory of sitting down at a fancy schmancy restaurant with pops and sis and being so very excited to see waffles on the menu.
and i ordered a waffle.
for dinner.
and this was received by a very startled and almost offended look from monsieur waiter.
and a "uhhh myllo, why don't you wait until dessert for that" from pops.

silly, belgium, 
{i ate waffles for dinner tonight, so there}

so this truck,


...i've got serious beef with it. 

i swear, it knows when i have zero cash.
i'll have just spent my last penny at the duane reade,
and i'll turn the corner,
and there you are, darn truck.

it just has this way of popping up in just the wrong places at just the wrong times.
at least the smells are free. 

so this week, i decided i was gonna hunt that truck down!
"jeremy what are you doing?"
"ummm about to practice timbales?"
"FALSE. the wafels truck is in front of our school. you're coming"

jeremy and i made friendsies with the wafelmen who were about to charge us five dolla for every picture we took.
and who made fun of me for thinking they didn't take credit card,
"eez the 21st zentury, zilly girl!"
"YEAH, but you're a TRUCK!"
typical food truck people,
they always have such sass,
and i'm so into it!

they gave us a sample of this wafel topping called 
which was a gingerbread house in paste form.
it was tasty,
but i wasn't sold,
and i began the day with
and so i ended it with nutella.

and strawbees
atop a liège wafel

which is chewier and sweeter than your typical belgian wafel,
giving you more time to savor
and more texture for your satisfaction.

jeremy finished his in the time it took to walk back across the street to school.
i spent my time lingering in the absolutely perfect texture. 
i think our choice to get nutella covered up the raw goodness of the waf.
maybe all it needed was a bit of powdered sugar.

it was a tasty dinner
{better than the spinach i had last night blech BLECH}

and now that i know they take credit card,
i'll best be going back,
even though...
i've got 44 more restaurants to go!



the wafels and dinges truck... is a truck.
but they do have a pretty accurate schedule of their whereabouts here
and looky, they have a blog!


the side of the truck houses a blackboard that always asks a question.
today's was:
what's your favorite olympic sport?
see if you can find my answer, bottom right.